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Sheryl Crow
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 On the 24th: Sheryl Crow will  Appear and perform at the Grammies, on CBS.            Check local listing for times.
The Global Session 
1.My Favorite Mistake  2.There Goes The Neighborhood   3. Riverwide  4. It Don't Hurt  
5. Maybe That's Something  6. Am I Getting Through (Part I & II)  7. Anything But Down  
8. Difficult Kind    9. Mississippi 10.   Members Only 11.  Crash And Burn 12.  Mississippi 
The Global Session


Shery Crow 1.  Maybe Angels  
2. A Change (Would Do You Good)  Video 
3.  Home Audio    Video 
4. Sweet Rosalyn   
5. If It Makes You Happy  Audio      Video  
6. Redemption Day  
7. Hard to Make a Stand  Audio  
8. Every day is a Winding Road Audio     Video   
 9. Love is a Good Thing 10.  Oh Marie  11.  Superstar  12. The Book  13.  Ordinary Morning 
Sherly Crow 
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Left click on the name of a song for RealAudio sound clips from CDNOW 
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Tuesday Night Music Club 
1. Run, Baby, Run Video 2. Leaving Las Vegas  Video  3. Strong Enough  Video  4. Can't Cry Anymore  Video  5. Solidify  06. The Na-Na Song 
7. No One Said It Would Be Easy   8. What I Can Do For You  9. All I Wanna Do   Video   10. We Do What We Can    11. I Shall Believe 
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Guitar Tab
Interview By Paul Cashmere RealAudio

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